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The Alma Doepel is a three masted topsail schooner, Australian built and operated, with more than a hundred years of history behind her, and with more history yet to be written.

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Alma on the move and on Nine News!

Courtesy: Nine News

Restoration Wish List

1. "The last yard": John Williamson and his support team have completed construction of the fore topmast and John is busy with the final stage of painting.
So now it's time to think about the course yard. This is largest of the three yards for the foremast: the lower and upper topsail yards are already finished and stored in the shed. We need $6,000 for the purchase of Douglas Fir and glue for this yard and this will allow John to order the timber and complete the 16th of the total of 17 spars needed for Alma's rig (the final spar to be built will be the cargo derrick).
The funds could be provided as a single donation or by a group and will be tax-deductible if paid through the National Trust Alma Doepel Appeal Fund. It would be great to be able to order the timber so John and his elves can get started!

2. Next on the list is a good quality (around 1000W) mains-powered 235mm circular saw for wood cutting. This is used for cutting heavy hardwood frames and for rounding spars.

Wish list donors please contact the Restoration Director, Peter Harris, 0427 829 134.
Donors will be acknowledged on the website or, if preferred, can remain anonymous.

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Many thanks to our generous donors for contributing to our granted wishes.

Artwork For Sale
As part of our fundraising efforts we are very fortunate to be able to offer original artworks featuring the Alma Doepel.
The artists are donating a portion of the proceeds of each sale to the restoration project.
See the artwork here.

Guided Tours and BBQs
The monthly BBQs have been replaced with guided tours and BBQs for groups and special events.
A great activity for your organisation or a group of friends, we can offer a guided tour of Alma's shed and the ship.
View the many activities involved in the restoration of a 110 year old Australian built sailing ship.
We can include a sausage sizzle, wine, tea, coffee and soft drink at Docklands for around $10 per person.

To organise your visit please email us or phone Hermione on 0402 415 034.

Alma Doepel Restoration Site
Shed 2, North Wharf Road, Victoria Harbour, Docklands, 3008

Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10am – 5pm
Visitors and volunteers welcome.

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