An Opportunity for Youth


Getting Back in the Water


A Storied Past

The Alma Doepel is a three masted topsail schooner.

With more than a 100 years of history behind her, and with more history yet to be written.

Alma Doepel was built in 1903 in Bellingen, NSW, by Frederik Doepel, and named after his youngest daughter Alma. She sailed mainly around the coast of Australia, carrying goods such as timber, wheat and jam.


She was also used in World War II as a supply vessel in Papua New Guinea, before returning to commercial service around Tasmania in 1946.


From 1961 to 1975 she was stripped of her rigging and used to carry limestone, before being sold, for the scrap value of her engines, to the Melbourne company Sail & Adventure in 1976.

Between 1988 and 1999 Alma Doepel completed around 140 nine-day Youth Sail Training Voyages with more than 4000 young Victorians having the opportunity to sail before the mast.


The Alma Doepel is dedicated to creating positive community impacts.  We believe tall ship sailing is unmatched in its abilities to achieve outcomes with young people.


It builds resilience, leadership, teamwork and communication skills, while boosting confidence and enabling young people to reach their own goals and ambitions.


Sail and Adventure Ltd is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of Victorian Youth through Sail Training and the restoration and preservation of the heritage tall ship ‘Alma Doepel’. Special thanks goes to all our sponsors and founding partners.